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I'm Cindy

I remind Corporates of what makes their heart jump and help them go get it.


​For over a decade, I myself held a full-load, corporate HR career in Germany and the US. 

In 2019, I decided to make a shift and leave the company I love. To serve a wider community of leaders and spend more time in Australia - my husband's home country. I love people, I places and I still love performance.


Being able to creatively work with leaders around the world out of the UNESCO World heritage-listed Blue Mountains is a dream  come  true.


Founder of Blue Mountains Coaching 

International Executive Coach


Results you can expect

What makes your heart jump? How connected are you with yourself and people around you? Do you want to refresh, clarify and re-align? 

Navigate through work and life with even more ease and effectiveness? 

Realize exactly the professional and personal fulfillment you want through an intensive Coaching session in a nurturing Blue Mountains studio. 

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Coaching Style 

I coach leaders and anyone who wants to grow on topics that are most relevant to them. If you want to be reminded of these topics - let's find out together what makes your heart jump.  What needs reflection and insights. A moment to pause. 

With professional training and loads of corporate experience in my backpack, my clients come to me for more knowing. About themselves, connecting heart and mind, finding courage to put their energy around the most important things in their life. Not the most urgent or with the highest sense of obligation. 

More on my background, education and style at www.cindy-hurley-leister.com/coaching.  

  • week 1:  virtual welcome & intake session 75 min

  • week 2: online strength assessment - self-paced

  • week 3: WE MEET FACE-TO-FACE in the beautiful Blue Mountains for a 120 min session

  • week 4: virtual follow-up session (45min) to turn new perspectives into actions and habits

  • week 5: no session, just be and observe what is shifting. 

  • week 6: conclusion of our time together, our virtual wrap up (45min). What has emerged? What are taking with you for the rest of your life?

Format & Costs

The time frame for the heart jump Blue Mountains package is six weeks. It includes a virtual pre-session as well as a strength assessment before you come to my studio for our intensive two hour work together. Followed by two virtual post-sessions to create higher accountability for your new habits and beliefs. 

My rate is 1695,--AUD / package. 

Complimentary get-to-know and financial support available. 

During our time together, I provide unlimited support via text messages and voice messages or check-in calls, on a per need basis. I am your coach, fully committed to your success, and available to you when ever you may need me.

I am committed to bringing you results around personal and professional fulfillment that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

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Full adherence to the ICF Ethics & principles and certified with DBVC and ICF with 500+ client hours since 2014. 

Experience spans around various industries -  Chemicals, Consulting, NGOs, Banking, Technology, Entrepreneurs -  and professions - Legal, Intellectual Property, HR, Management, Marketing, IT. 


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Blythe Frank

Adjunct Professor Columbia University

Cindy is an inspiration. She is one of those rare women that believe in herself and the power for each one of us to contribute to change in the world. Don’t miss out on being a part of whatever she has to offer!"make it yours.

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Thorsten Dierkes

Head of Intellectual Property

Being coached by Cindy gives me insights about my personality and my ambitions. I appreciate her question techniques, the trusting and safe atmosphere and the identification of the really crucial points. 

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Karen K, Executive Fortune500

Cindy helps me to get out of my comfort zone. Exactly where I need and not always want to go. In a fun way.


Hear more about how people transform. And get to know me.